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Challenge your ingenuity and solve the crossword puzzle


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If you love brainteasers, you're in luck. MiCo, the crossword puzzle game, is a small program in which you can enjoy hundreds and hundreds of different crosswords.

With enough experience, you can advance through the three difficulty levels of the game. You can play linear mode, criss-cross mode, or worm mode, in which the letters can be in any direction to form the appropriate word.

The game easily develops the crossword puzzle, with a timebar (which can be increased by playing small brainteaser games prior) that wil reload each time you get a word right.

In addition, you can create and modify your own games to make each match more interesting. MiCo allows you to add words and put them into the games' categories so they appear in the already created games, or so you can create a new match from zero.
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